Small Pinpoint Loud Speaker
Model 7135 $ 1,320.00

Features / Specifications

• Electrical: AC Power Cord Length; 1.83 Meters (6ft)

• Power Requirements: Wattage; 100 watts maximum

• Electrical Ratings:
Universal Power Supply
Input = 100V-240V 50/60 Hz
Output = 48V DC

• Physical Dimensions =
Depth ; Height ; Width
88.1mm x 151.4mm x 311.1mm
(3.47") (5.96") (12.25")

• Weight: 1.5 kg (3.3 lbs)

• Impendance = 10k Ohms

• Input Connectors = 2 RCA style connectors

• System Configuration = Monaural (2 input channels summed together on the RCA connectors)

• Max Input for Max Output = 160 mVrms x 1 channel or 80 mVrms x2 channels

Optional Items



Wall Mount
Model 7137

Unlike other audio isolation devices the pinpoint loud speaker produces a narrow beam of sound that can only be heard if you are directly in range of the sound beam. This system truly isolates your audio by converting sound into a complex ultrasonic signal. Once emitted the converted sound forms a sound column which remains focused as it encounters listeners located in the narrow column of sound.


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