Rechargeable Batteries
Model 7069 $ 225.00
( For LCD Screens)

Features / Specifications

• Battery Voltage: 9--12.6V
• Discharge Current: Max 8A
• Charge Voltage: 12.0 V
• Charge Current: 2A
• Battery Size (mm): 166w x 106h x 22 d
• Battery Weight: 600g

Included Items

• AC Charger
• Universal Cable & Connectors



To charge your battery Connect the power cord of the AC charger to a wall outlet then connect the DC-out plug of the AC charger to the charge jack of the battery pack.

Power Meter

The red light of the charger lights up when charging begins. When the charge light turns to green, normal charge is completed. The Power Meter can be activated by pressing the test button for 10 secs. Once you've pressed the testing button, the LED's light will show you the power level of the battery pack.


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